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Cheap Fleet Insurance

Looking to insure your fleet for a cost-effective and simple way to protect the motor vehicles and drivers within your company? Commercial fleet insurance is the way to go. Whether you have a small fleet or mini fleet of 2 vehicles or large fleet vehicles, you could better be insuring all the vehicles with one policy known as fleet insurance, this could save you money as well as any hassle which could be caused if you was to insure them individually, also fleet insurance is specialist insurance which could come with many benefits and add-ons depending your policy and the broker you decide to use for your cover.

At Compare My Business Fleet Insurance, We will try our best to help you compare and find cheap fleet insurance by matching you with one of our partners who we have teamed up and who can help you insure your business fleet and find the correct cover, our partners will help you cover all types of vehicles under one policy. So, no matter what you have in your fleet – cars, minibuses, taxis, trucks/HGV’s, vans, or anything specialised – we can help you a find competitive fleet insurance quote that works for your business or company.

Compare My Business Fleet Insurance

If you have 2 or more vehicles in your company, then having them under one policy is extremely time efficient and could be more cost-effective.
With commercial fleet insurance, you can do more while spending less money and make your service
run as smoothly as possible.

What Impacts Fleet Insurance Quotes?

As with any insurance, there are a number of factors that come into play when you are looking for vehicle fleet insurance. These include: number of vehicles in the quote, make and mileage of those vehicles, the extras that you add on (such as windscreen protection), the number of claims you’ve made, drivers (their record/age) and the type of cover you want (comprehensive, third party etc). The >95% renewal rate that we have is a testament to the service and savings you get from working with a specialist – we know how to get the quote that suits you.

Top Tips For Getting Cheap Fleet Insurance

  • Install vehicle trackers, alarms, immobilisers and dashboard cameras for added security.
  • Ask for a risk assessment.
  • Commit to training programmes to show continued driver improvement – clean licenses are a big plus.
  • Securely store vehicles in a safe place overnight .
  • Speak to an expert so that you know exactly what cover you need, and what supplementary extras you can omit, before getting a fleet insurance quote.

We are able to direct you in the direction where you are able to get the right advice for the right insurance fleet product, our partner will put you in touch with these experts who are waiting to help you get cheap fleet insurance and policy cover for your company.  Click above to get a quote, and fill in the form to request a callback.